The board

What is the board of Novium and what are they doing?

The board is responsible for the daily operation of the student union. All the board members have their own remit and the work of the student union is headed by the chairman of the board. The board makes sure that the plan of operation is fulfilled. The board of Novium is chosen by the council of Novium at a constituted meeting in the autumn. The board's mandate is one year (the 1st of January to the 31st of December).

The members of the board 2019:

  • Chariman Eliina Sarinko
  • Vicepresident and Educational responsible Benjamin Gustavsson
  • Internationally responsible (Vasa&Jakobstad), responsible for tutoring (Vasa&Jakobstad) Mikael Anttila
  • Internationally responsible (Ă…bo&Ekenäs), responsible for tutoring (Ă…bo&Ekenäs) Isabella Nylund
  • Responsible for the PR Linus Mäkelä
  • Responsible for Culture and Events Jenna Turpeinen