Every year Novia university of applied sciences has a huge amount of international students. Some of the students spend a brief time at Novia, and others spend up to four years as an English speaking full-time student at the university. Novium is a student organization , and has a function to look after the interests of the international students, as well as their integration in school and Finnish society. Every autumn the student union arrange an education for all the international students. The tutors shall welcome the international students and help them getting comfotable with their new studies. The tutors also organize events that help the international students to get to know each other. Read more about the tutoring here. 
In addition to the international tutors, Noivum also has a committee of international activity. The committee dispose an event for all the international student two times a year, one in the autumn and one in the spring. Novium cooperate wth other student organizations as well, to create a wider network for the international students and give them a worthwile experience in Finland.