Election 2018


What election?

Read more about the election here: Election.

You can also find information about the Election of the Council 2018 at our Facebook Event.

Election 2018 is here!

Novium arranges election 7.11.2018. 15 new members to council for year 2019 will be elected. All members at student union Novium can vote and candidate in the election. Electionday will be held 7.11.2017 and the electronical advance voting is held 31.10 - 6.11.2018.

You'll find the electronical advance voting here.

If you have questions, you can go your neariest Novium office or email jonas.sandberg@novia.fi

Vote in election

To be able to vote you have to be member at Novium (you have paid your membershipfee for year 2018-2019 or autum 2018)!

Electionday is 7.11.2018 and you can vote on all Novias campuses.

The Council 2019

Jasmine Malm
Jenny Sandberg
Jonny Skogberg
Eliina Sarinko
Sharie Sveholm
Emilia Merisaari
Ellen Randström
Lenita Hjortman
Jennifer Lundberg
Joel Myntti
Samuli Salminen
Kevin Hägglund
Maria Wingren
Matilda Hassel
Anton Blomberg